About Us

Shaun Gould - Managing Director

Easy Let and Rent
was set up in 2010 as a new type of letting agency to meet the changing needs of Landlords.

The business comprises a small core team of people, with an extensive network of sub contractors & support staff to carry out/ provide a wide range of jobs and services required by landlords

I personally started letting property in 1994 and learned the hard way about how to be successful with letting. My personal portfolio includes 3 properties i own entirely, another 3 i have a share in, and 2 other properties i manage informally for friends.

Geographical coverage

The Primary area we cover is west Wiltshire, including the towns of:
  • Trowbridge
  • Westbury
  • Melksham
  • Devizes
  • Warminster
  • Calne
and all the villages & communities inbetween.

We can take on property beyond this region, but the charges would have to initially reflect our increased costs, but could soon reduce if you can help us find enough other Landlords in your area.

How we are different to traditional Letting agents:

  • Easy Let and Rent is run by an experienced Landlord, so we know what’s important to landlords, and the business is structured around the landlord needs, and not the needs of the letting / Estate agents operation. i.e.
    • Contactable 7 days a week, including evenings
    • Sorting out problems/ repairs over weekends as well as week days
    • Honest & impartial advice on what to do on property before you let
    • Rental return projections on your property
    • We don’t use advertising boards (or less you ask us to) as we consider them unsightly, they add un-necessary expense and potentially draw unwanted attention to your property
  • Easy let and Rent is backed by the Guild of Residential landlords, which provides all the legal documents, notices & paperwork for Professional & safe letting
  • Easy Let and Rent saves you money letting your property, by NOT having to charge VAT (saving you 20% now!!) as well as stripping out the infrastructure and operational costs that are un-necessary, whilst retaining the critical legal and personalised approach to letting that is demanded by modern Landlords. We don’t have an expensive high street office, as we find all business can be done either over the internet, phone or at a meeting time & place that is convenient to Landlords or tenants
  • Easy Let and Rent use a simple transparent pricing approach, where our regular costs and charges are wrapped up in the single management fee charge, and unlike the Letting and estate agents, we refrain from separate additional charges for drafting contracts, inventories, introductions, renewals etc..
  • Easy Let and Rent has people deployed throughout its are of operation, who keep a watchful eye on your property, meaning problems can be picked up early and solved, without it ever becoming a problem to the landlord.
  • Easy let and rent has employees skilled and able to personally fix many of the small jobs / minor repairs that occur in letting properties (dripping taps, damaged fences, leaking showers, loose fixtures & fittings etc..), so these can be promptly sorted during checks and inspection visits at below market rate charges. Easy Let and Rent also has an extensive sub- contractor tradesman network to carry out the specialist and critical safety area work of gas checks, boiler servicing & electrical work.
  • Easy Let and Rent rewards existing Landlord clients by discounting mangement fees for landlords who:
  • refer / introduce new landlords to the business, through our “refer a friend” initiative
  • help the business reduce its costs of serving new geographical areas
This can result in Landlords paying little or no fees for periods of time if they introduce a number of fellow landlords to the business. See bottom of Landlord page for more details.

 Overall Easy Let and Rent is there to take the hassle and cost out of letting your property.

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