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The golden rules of letting

Carry out any essential decorating and repairs and prepare the property well for the let, including removing all personal effects

Carry out an electrical check of the house circuits (new legal legislation since July 2020)

Minimise the number of electrical applicances left in property

Where possible, seek a shortlist of tenants, so that you can choose the most appropriate one, and have back-up options

Look for tenants that will look after the property and hopefully stay a long time

Carry out full checks on new tenants, including previous landlord and find out as much information about tenants as you can prior to letting

Use gua
rantors where the credit score or salary comes out lower than expected, or where personal finances of tenants are stretched (essential if considering housing benefit tenants!)

Use a property inventory, to accurately record and "fix" the condition of the property in the minds of the tenants at the start of the let

Ensure that the tenancy agreement is filled in accurately, and the rent and weekly / monthly dates
are aligned, otherwise you risk problems later in the tenancy

Ensure that the deposit taken from the tenants is transfered into one of the 3 deposit protection schemes within 14 days from the start of the let, otherwise you are liable for up to 3 x the deposit value, if your tenant knows the rules