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Pay as You Let Package

An itemised way to pay for selected parts of the package

Finding tenants (inc checks)            

£99 + advertising costs + time costs @ £20/hr + Petrol costs @ 40ppm

Tenancy agreement                           £49

Deposit Protection (if necessary)       £35

Property Inventory (by property size & furnished/ unfurnished)


1 bed

2 bed

3 bed

4 bed

5 bed



















With picture signing by tenants an additional £49

Rent collection & payment to Landlord

1% of Tenant rental fees

Time costs

  • Check –in, check out, inspections, non-work visits, accompanied tradesman etc… @ £20/hr (measured in nearest 0.25hr blocks)

Work costs

  • Repairs, maintenance, specified work, odd jobs @£25/hr (measured in nearest 0.25hr blocks)
  • Gardening & misc @ £20/hr (measured in nearest 0.25hr blocks)

Petrol costs

  • Mileage @ 40ppm

Contractor work & bills

  • 15% charge on top of contractor bill (after VAT), to pay for arrangements & admin, as well as any time charges at property (@£20/hr) and mileage to and from property (@40ppm)

Terms of payment

  1. No VAT is due on payments to Easy Let and Rent, but VAT will be charged on via contractor bills, where the contractor is VAT registered.
  2. Where rent collection and payment is managed by Easy Let and Rent Ltd, the client will be invoiced quarterly, and expected to pay within 28 days of invoice. Charges will be deducted from the rent payments due to the landlord, if the monthly invoice is unpaid after 28 days from the invoice date.
  3. In all other cases, an upfront payment covering approx 50% of the expected bill will be required before any work commences, with the balance due within 28 days of invoice.